'Pattern' can mean many different things. Behavorial pattern of people as well as the arrangement of elements on a carpet, on tapestries or on tiles.

Wheras in the later case the pattern itself forms the display, in both cases it is the pictorial manifestation – abstract or concrete – of a cultural identity.

In everyday life pattern often remain unnoticed or at least unheeded. The tapestry – if it does look unusual - catches our attention just for a short period of time, only to sink back immediately  in to our common perception of the space around us. The rug on the wall as well.

In uncommon situations we seldomly question our behavorial patterns, mostly we wonder more about what is happening or to whom.

In my artistic practice I am not only collecting all kind of pattern, moreover I work with them, investigate the breaking points and reflect them back on the viewers, filtered through my subconciousness, with the tools of painting, print making and video.